Underwater Photographer

Underwater Photographer

Would you like to show your friends how beautiful the underwater world? Then this course is just the thing for you! The PADI Digital Underwater Photography specialty course you do soon pictures like a pro! And also learn still, to process them on the computer.
The PADI Digital Underwater Photography is based on a two-level design:

Course content Level 1:

  • Possibilities of point-and-shoot cameras
  • White Balance
  • Color filter
  • Photography without external flash

Course content Level 2:

  • File formats
  • Resolution
  • Image
  • Organizing and archiving
Also you learn the PADI S.E.A. Method (Shoot, Examine and Adjust) know of digital underwater photography. The course materials include the new PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Manual and an underwater white balance panel.


Experience in photography is not required!

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Course dates:

On demand

Course price:

145.00 Euro

Fees includes:

  • loan camera and housing, if necessary