Tools and Equipment

Tools and Equipment

I have my “own” equipment, it should always be clean and look good.

We recommend: “the” workshop, which took place in all seasons

Course content:

  • care and maintenance of your dive equipment,
  • practical instructions for small repairs,
  • discusses various issues and
  • tips on new features and to upgrade.

The equipment and technology / equipment specialty is carried out in a so-called workshop with practical exercises. You will receive an in-depth introduction to the “inner life” of your equipment and its mechanical performance.

After this course you can well maintenance your gear, handle small problems like wildfire.



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Course date 2022:

  • Course 1:    14. February
  • Course 2:    19. March
  • OR:  please call! 

Course price:

€ 145.00

For more information ask directly the Aquanaut team !!!