CCR Rebreather Inspiration / Evolution User Course

CCR Rebreather Inspiration / Evolution User Course

Dive into a new dimension, noiseless, bubble-free, comfortable.

Virtually silent and to experience first hand the underwater world is a completely new diving experience. In addition to the technical diving in the open system Aquanaut offers all interested parties with the self-mixing APD Inspiration in a closed-loop device as an alternative. The device ensures a constant gas consumption and at any depth. Up to three hours of diving are possible with this system and computer controlled it always delivers the optimum Nitrox mixture. Apart from these advantages of the closed circuit, the dehydrogenation of the body due to the exhaled air remaining in the system is smaller. Another major advantage of the rebreather always brings the warm breath gas, whereby the heat loss from the body is significantly reduced. There are also longer and shorter Dekozeiten zero. An optimal constellation is recommended for all types of dives and not only for building or civil wreck divers. In intensive courses you Aquanaut forms of this device in theory and practice. With us the high-tech diving into pleasure with much benefit is for your further dives.
On successful completion of the course, the device can be independently immersed to a depth of 42 meter and a maximum decompression time of 15 minutes.

Optional upgrade a course with trimix as diluent gas is possible. That dives allow up to 48 meter and a maximum decompression time of 15 minutes.


  • Advanced Open Water Diver or equivalent
  • Nitrox certification
  • fitness to Dive
  • min. 18 years old
  • min. 30 logged dives
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Course duration:

  • 5 days


  • Design of the device
  • One swimming pool dive
  • 8 dives spread over 4 days
  • about 5 to 6 hours of theory

Course price:

incl. loaner, lime and gases 990,00 €


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